• Ed Flattau


Under Joe Biden’s Administration, environmental protection in 2021 should enjoy a robust comeback over the preceding year.

Given the sweeping environmental rollbacks during President Trump’s tenure, the bar has been set so low that anything short of dramatic improvement in the Nation’s ecological preservation safety net would be a matter of grave concern.

With majority control of the US Congress, Biden can confidently issue Executive Orders that countermand his predecessor’s anti-environmental decrees aimed at dismantling President Obama’s major environmental initiatives. Biden’s actions should provide time for a Democratic-controlled Congress to work out some permanent legislative solutions to keep Trumpian philosophy at bay.

One of Biden’s first orders of business is rejoining the Paris Climate Accord. In fact, climate change will play a pervasive role, in contrast to Trump’s denial-oriented stance towards global warming. Climate change will be conspicuously present in any Federally funded infrastructure program. Carbon-reducing renewable energy features will be installed in both new and long-established buildings alike.

Drilling on public wilderness territory will be halted and, in many cases, indefinitely prohibited to protect the Nation’s dwindling stock of prize unspoiled land. That would include the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the national monuments where the Trump Administration shrunk protected area at the behest of commercial interest.

Lifestyle changes incorporating a “less is more” philosophy should become more prevalent in the United States, with the expanded use of electric cars and conservation-oriented housing.

Finally, the dramatic increase in climate-related extremely destructive weather events should assure that environmental protection will not be overshadowed by the virus-driven turmoil awaiting the Nation in 2021.


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