• Ed Flattau

Aspirations: 1960

“To define the ultimate objectives of my life work should aid in determining the precise means by which to achieve my goals. I want to influence and reshape people's lives, clarifying internal conflicts that if not directly addressed will allow human nature's baser elements to gain the upper hand.

“It's my hope that my accomplishments will earn me a measure of immortality by inspiring others to pass on my observations to future generations.

“Helping to redeem humanity from violence, bigotry, greed, and ignorance is a mission I covet. I also would like my writing to celebrate individuality along with respect for and accommodation to the needs of society as a whole."

“The daily schedule should ideally provide ample opportunity for creative expression and stimulating interactions with people and ideas... “

Excerpt taken from: E. Flattau, Evolution of a Columnist, 2003

On April 8, 2021, Edward S. Flattau passed away peacefully at home in his sleep after bravely battling advanced prostate cancer. Born in New York City in 1936, Edward graduated from Horace Mann Preparatory School in the Bronx before pursuing studies in American Literature at Brown University. - a formative experience under the tutelage of Professor Albert D. Van Nostrand.

Edward became a political correspondent for UPI in New York State in 1964 where he covered the New York State legislature and Governor Norman A. Rockefeller. Three years later, Ed transferred to UPI’s Washington bureau where his beat included the US Congress, various Federal agencies and, on occasion, the White House.

His prize-winning column, Our Environment, first appeared in 1972 when he took over the first nationally syndicated environmental column from the late former US Interior Secretary Stewart Udall, who had started the column on the Nation’s first Earth Day in 1970.

Flattau had written more than 4000 columns on pivotal environmentally-related events and personalities from his Washington base and around the country as well as from Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. His work had appeared regularly in as many as 120 daily newspapers throughout the past four decades as well as the Huffington Post and other online platforms. Flattau is the author of Tracking the Charlatans (1998), a rebuttal of ultra- conservative and Libertarian environmentalism critics; Evolution of a Columnist (2003), an important source for environmentalists and journalists; Peering Through the Bushes, (2004) a cutting critique of George W. Bush's environmental record; Green Morality (2011), a manifesto for true environmental sustainability; and From Green to Mean (2015), how a political party turned its back on major environmental threats.

Flattau is the recipient of ten national journalism awards and, in 2011, the Washingtonian Magazine named Ed the “Best Columnist” in the nation’s capital.


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