• Ed Flattau

Childhood Nighmares

There are anecdotal reports of climate change’s grim predictions frightening children, but these anxiety attacks are phenomena that need not occur. More than enough measures exist to dispel childhood qualms and replace them with optimistic activism.

One strategy is to fill the airwaves and classrooms with reassuring images of solar panels and wind turbines that cleanse the air of excess greenhouse gases associated with rising global temperatures.

Another tactic is to inculcate at an early age lifestyle changes that will provide humanity at least some semblance of control over climate change’s intensity.

More sage advice is to promote a lifestyle of voluntary simplicity, which would entail, among other things an emphasis on qualitative values over quantitative ones. Fidelity to this formula would reduce the drain on our natural resources, just opposite of the merchandising philosophy that dominates our marketplace today.

Conservation should hold more attraction than consumption, especially at a conspicuous level.

Kids should be reminded that they can affect the course of the planet by the diet they choose and their mode of travel.

They must be persuaded to rely more on fruits and vegetables than meat products that, in the course of production, emit bovine discharges of methane gas - a basic source of a potent greenhouse gas.

Children – like adults – should engage more in walking, biking, and public transit in lieu of automobile usage whenever possible. If a car must be involved, electrically propelled models should hopefully characterize future markets.

And, oh yes, when you are old enough to vote, cast your ballots for the candidates most proactive on climate change. Until of age, lobby adults to support the most environmentally conscientious and progressive politicians. Set by example, as much as possible, the embrace of previous suggested solutions.

Stress to kids in the throes of despair that human technological ingenuity, as it so often has demonstrated, can intervene to help rescue the world from sinking into an environmental morass.

No individual has to feel impotent in the face of climate change.


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