• Ed Flattau

Game Over!

Imagine on the day of Joe Biden’s inauguration that Donald Trump decides to hold a celebration of his own.

He would undoubtedly expect equal news treatment, impervious to his abrupt demotion to private citizen status.

No more entitlement to mainstream media dutifully reporting Trump’s antics, which are devoted overwhelmingly to advancing his political career – even as the public suffers in the grips of the devastating coronavirus catastrophe.

No more mesmerizing the mainstream news media to reflexively report Trump’s fiery Tweets and rantings aimed at consolidating his political base.

The daily press’s mission will be self-evident: Keep the public apprised of President Biden’s progress in repairing Trump’s most egregious anti-environmental policies. The ball is now in Biden’s court. After Biden dispenses with Trump’s environmental mischief, his first of order of business should be to disclose his own environmental agenda – and then, act upon it.

One of mainstream news organization’s major missions will be to convey how and why the Republican assault on environmental policy must be unraveled. In that vein, news media should publish articles highlighting renewable energy’s major role in abetting the transition from a fossil fuel-based economy to widespread reliance on sun and wind. Other Trump anti-environmental policies the media should cover are: drilling on public lands; reduction of subsidies for reforestation programs and shoreline wetlands; weakening automobile fuel economy standards; and opposing voluntary simplicity integrated into a lifestyle currently fixated on conspicuous consumption. This last reference to a lifestyle change augers major environmental reform during the Biden Presidency.

The media should treat the pandemic viral disaster in a matter-of-fact manner. No more succumbing to Trump’s provocative running commentary targeted at advancing his own political fortunes.

The ball is no longer in Trump’s court. Accordingly, the daily press should not cater any more to Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric, and instead concentrate on how well Biden is playing the game.



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