• Ed Flattau


Trump does not hesitate to forge ahead in going it alone as testified by his “America First” mantra and defiance of the Paris Climate Accord.

The President does not recognize that humanity’s health hinges on global cooperation between sovereign States in solving universal existential problems.

3M has come under criticism by President Trump for exporting some of its products. The company’s response is that it is an issue of morality and that the world has become interconnected as a matter of survival. If some help is withheld, there could be reciprocity in delivering crucial aid.

Trump belatedly blames the World Health Organization (WHO) for unleashing the virus and in doing so perpetuates his penchant for isolationism from other countries. He does so at the expense of the international cooperation needed to confront the virus and other scourges global in scope.

When the true source of happiness is closely scrutinized, satisfaction stems more from solid family ties, a reliable social network, and jobs and leisure activities that hold one’s interest, put a premium on self-reliance, and provide a sense of fulfillment.

Humanitarian concern must ultimately trump monopolistic exploitation and trade secrets in an ever-more interconnected international community. Otherwise, instability will spread inexorably across the planet.

[Excerpts drawn from: Green Morality, 2011.]


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