• Ed Flattau

Through the Looking Glass

What kind of world will your grandchildren inhabit? A more crowded one for sure. The birthrate on the African Continent alone will take care of that.

Chances are that our kids as adults will obtain most of their electricity from renewable sources - primarily wind, solar, and hydro-electric installations.

Odds are that a built-in energy efficiency system will be a standard feature on all heating and lighting arrangements available to the general public.

Your grandchildren will likely live in an urban setting, as will most of their generation. The probability is that in the United States the grandkids will reside in multi-unit buildings. These structures will be part of high-density clustered development, increasingly favored by urban planners to preserve communal green open space.

If the grandkids own a vehicle, it likely will be an electric-powered model. At the same time, there will be incentives to utilize rent-a-car services with sign-up stations scattered throughout the community.

Diets will be heavily plant-based to reduce carbon emissions in mitigation of climate change. In that vein, vegetarian dishes will frequently supplant meat, much to the chagrin of a begrudgingly scaled-down livestock industry.

Grandkids’ wardrobes will tend to be recycled in the name of environmental sustainability and to the consternation of retailers who manage to survive the altered lifestyle.

Plastics will be replaced by a substance that lingers ever-so-briefly in the environment.

The internet and cyberspace will dominate communication, but traditional books and newspapers will retain a niche and - in some quarters - even gain traction.

Thanks to rising sea levels and more intense storms because of human-generated global warming, fewer seaside mansions will adorn our coasts. Recreational usage of coastal resort communities will be modified since there will be fewer of them. The major impetus for this reduction will be abandonment to the elements or relocation inland. Recreational beach visits that do occur will more frequently be day trips on account of the shortage of permanent structures on many of the climate-change-besieged stretches of sand that remain.

It is not going to be like “old times”.

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