• Ed Flattau

Unfit to Govern

Despite President Trump using a boastful State of the Union speech to win accolades from his supporters, a case can be made he is unfit to govern.

At best, he is “penny-wise, pound foolish” with plenty of pennies proving counterfeit.

Even in matters of national security and military preparedness that are traditionally major responsibilities of a president, Trump has blundered. A grave miscalculation was to invest in conventional weaponry at the expense of gearing up for modern day cyber warfare.

It is not so much what Trump said in his State of the Union Address to Congress but what was left unsaid. In addition to self-defense, there are some other basic missions vested in the Office of the Presidency.

Protection of public health - Trump has failed miserably on that score, rolling back air, water and other environmental regulations, supposedly to stimulate the economy. The general population’s health is put at risk to inflate what are already bountiful balance sheets of corporate fat cats.

Part of a President’s portfolio is the obligation to make provisions for the well-being of future generations. Trump is derelict in this task. Besides shackling our kids with ever increasing national debt, the President is putting our offspring at a disadvantage by dragging his feet in the transition from a fossil fuel to a clean, renewable energy dominant economy. In fact, Trump is leading the nation in the opposite direction.

Among the principle duties is the protection of public lands. Trump fails miserably in that regard by relaxing preservation for the sake of drilling to supposedly stimulate the economy.

Foreign policy – apart from presiding over the federal defense apparatus, the President is charged with solidifying our place on the world stage. Trump has abdicated this responsibility by isolating us in an ever-increasing interdependent world. Friend and foe alike have been alienated by his snubbing of international environmental treaties. It has ostracized us further when prosperity and ultimately survival depend on international cooperation.

Moral conscience — a President is expected to serve as the chief moral conscience of the nation (including championing environmental justice for low income populations exploited by corporate polluters). Beset by scandal and exuding a steady stream of vulgarity and vindictiveness, our current President is a poor role model for national moral leadership.


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