• Ed Flattau

Vaccine Future

Drug manufacturers make sure in their TV advertising that they list possible life-threatening long-term side effects of their medicines targeted for normally nonfatal medical conditions. The severe risks to users of the pharmaceutical industry’s products are made quite clear through the listing of possible reactions that are far worse than the disease.

Against this backdrop and as one who appreciates transparency, I am a “sheltered-in-place” senior who is not ready to take the COVID-19 shots until drug companies describe the possible long-term side effects of their vaccine products on TV as well they do for their other medications.

I’m depending on fellow Americans voluntarily enrolled in clinical trials, to unwittingly give me the “green light” on the safe use of these COVID-19 vaccines. And I am not alone – 30 percent of the doctors and nurses on the frontlines agree that the vaccines should not be taken in the next two to six months after which their possible debilitating long-term side effects – if any - would hopefully be more apparent. I do not trust the recent rapid Food and Drug Administration approval of the vaccines behind closed doors. Far too little data on the health risks have been released to the public.

Also, there is too much trust vested in media’s exuberant coverage of the effectiveness of the vaccines, no doubt to raise ratings by cloaking a thin veneer of good tidings over a grim pervasive global pandemic.

That is why I appreciate the current TV drug ads’ candor that improper use of featured products for benign medical conditions carries the risk of heart attacks, cancer, and crippling arthritis.

That leaves me delaying to seek a COVID-19 inoculation until the cure is emphatically demonstrated in the public arena to be superior to the disease.



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